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tv   MSNBC Live With Steve Kornacki  MSNBC  December 30, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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start of the day. have a and happy weekend. steve is picking things up. >> also on our agenda vladimir putin and the long game. >> you know, at one level i am surprised and at the same time it was a shrewd move. the russians hope to get everything they want from donald trump merely by flattering the man. >> surprising some by choosing not to retaliate in response to oba obama's sanctions. instead a charm offensive from moscow.
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more on that ahead and a rescue mission. president obama traveling to capitol hill trying to save one of his signature achievements. obamacare. republicans are set on repealing it. obama scheduling a last minute strategy session with top democrats on how to try to coo ep it alive. details ahead. we begin with our top story. just in the last few minutes, donald trump tweeting the following. we can put this up on the screen. great move on delay by v. putin. i always knew he was very smart. his first remarks on russia and on putin since he will mead with intelligence officials to review what they compiled when it comes to russian involvement. vladimir putin surprising the world this morning by saying that he would not retaliate immediately in response to sanctions that were imposed
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yesterday by the obama administration. the russian president said he viewed the measures as provocative, but also saying that the kremlin would not stoop to the level of the so-called cat fight. instead putin saying they will focus on policy that will be pursued by the administration of president donald trump. halle jack is in west palm beach, florida. covering the trump transition. choosing publicly to view what happened yesterday in terms of the sanctions from the o bam administration as an opportunity to extend an olive branch to donald trump. donald trump it seems responding in kind. >> yeah, setting the table for each other for what is going to go down in three weeks from now. when donald trump takes office as president on january 20th. you saw not just his tweet, but the brief statement yesterday. these are the public comments he made so far on russia. the decision for him now is will
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he reverse the sanctions or not? in doing so, will he upset members of his own party in congress who want to see not just sanctions, but tougher sanctions or does he anger vladimir putin by keeping them in place. we are in this interesting-week period of almost a dayitant or a pause between donald trump and vladimir putin with what happens with the sanctions. both are interested in maintaining or building a relationship with the other that is a policy position that raised a and outside of donald trump's inner circle. president obama played politics by coming out with the sanctions after the election and before he leaves office. the bottom line is despite maybe displeasure among donald trump's team that they do feel like they
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have been boxed in. they are. this is a difficult political situation for donald trump because he doesn't have a lot of palatable positions to be able to take here. he is buying himself time by looking ahead to the intel meeting next week when he wants an update on the facts on the ground. as early as october, senior officials and they his ability to interfere. he had a direct link between moscow and the hack. >> in west palm beach, thanks for that. over to moscow, lucy cavanaugh joins us from there. lucy, interesting to watch this on public display. vladimir putin, we had signals out of moscow before putin spoke up saying russia will retaliate and saying not at all.
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trump saying good move by putin. the russian embassy retweeted donald trump's tweet complimenting vladimir putin. what is going on behind the scenes? >> hey, steve. >> there is a lot of twitter diplomacy when they broke yesterday. they trolled the obama administration on twitter, posting the photo of a duck. there has been an interesting back and forth where first the comments that we saw were critical of the obama administration. very divicive and the foreign ministry spokes woman went on to accuse the obama administration, calling them a bunch of foreign policy losers. they said it's sad that the obama administration would try to restore the cooperation going out on this kind of note, russian agony. the boss came out and president putin came out with a statement surprising everyone.
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switching gears and trying to domestically the way it has been played in the media. he is portrayed as taking the high road and not the back and forth. he stuck the knife in the obama administration's chest, twisting it and throwing in a personal invitation to the children of these american diplomats. >> under trump, there will be a friendlier policy from the americans and the white house. they are clearly biding time until january 20th. one interesting thing, some analysts have spoken and said it's not necessarily clear that they will continue on the friendly policies.
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>> in moscow, lucy, thanks for that. two russian luxury retreats in long island, new york. in centerville, maryland. they hans nichols is in washington with us with more on this. hans, take us through whacthis. were these buildings known to the u.s. government and have they been known? what was the urgency in shutting
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them down now? >> diplomatic compounds and whether or not they have been used for that, but it's relat e relatively flat on land. you look at the embassy, it's on a high point and there has been a lot of equipment on top of that. they sanctioned the individuals that are part of the gruu russia's cia & it's quite analogous and diplomats in response to the ra raszment that diplomats. and the one, that noon deadline and it's a little give-and-take.
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we will try to get an answer on that. joining me now, republican from pennsylvania in response to these sanctions imposed by president obama. now you have donald trump and he just said in the last move on delay. what's your reaction to the president-elect.
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the bottom line is i think we should step this up, we should be sending anxious tank weapons to the government in ukraine. that will certainly get the russians's attention. they would respect that kind of power. we should expose the wealth of vladimir putin and olegarks. they would like to be aware of how wealthy they have become. the obama administration has taken a step and we should do more and president-elect trump should take a lesser approach to vladimir putin. he is in the opposite direction of what you described. saying great move by putin and saying hey, folks have just got to move beyond this talk about the election involvement by the russians. wouldn't it be great if he had a
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better relationship? that's the track he is going on. they want to unravel the union and the power and influence. they have their interest and we have ours. president-elect trump or barack obama, we will have to stand up to the russians at some point. they do respect strength and power. for too long the obama administration has been too acquiescent to the russians. we have outsourced the ceasefires to the french and the germans. it should have been a u.s., eu, russia dialogue. we have to be more engaged and that will get his attention. >> and lucy cavanaugh in moscow
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and raise said the ponlt that the way are interpreting towards putin and russia. last week vladimir putin gave a speech in moscow and talked about beefing up russian nuclear capabilities. the response to that came back from trump if you do that and we will match you and exceed you. i would be happy to be back in the nuclear arms race. it does raise the possibility that donald trump has something else in mind here. maybe like a reset to the relationship and a very different sort of arrangement between the two countries. >> i hear it. i think president bush was very upset about his relationship with vladimir putin and president obama has to be disappointed with his reset. i suspect that there will be
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tension between donald trump and vladimir putin at some point. maybe not today. again, our interest between the united states and russia are so different that i don't see how we bridge that gap until russia's behavior changes. they are behaving in ways that are trying to undermine the rules and that the united states and allies work so hard to escape after the second world war. >> bottom line when donald trump becomes president on january 20th, he will have the decision to make. does he let the sanctions that they impossessed stand or do away with them. regardless of what you want him to do, what do you think is going to happen here? are these sanctions here for the long haul? >> i don't know what president-elect trump do. i think it will be difficult to remove the sanctions at this point. once we go into more thorough investigations, i know congress
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is going to look at the russian meddling and the hacking that did occur and congress and the administration got all the pacts and we can determine a course of the actions. i don't believe it would be prudent and it would be politically difficult for him to do. >> thanks as always for the time. >> thank you. t. >> squeeze in a quick break and democratic senator is traveling this week to ukraine and the baltic nations. she is out there with republican senator and lindsay graham. what she is learning on the trip so far. she joins us live after the break ask a look inside the russian compounds being shut down by the u.s. government. what they say is taking place in the palacial estates. does your child need help with digestive balance?
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>>. >> refraining from the actions against russia. in the last few minutes, praising the decision by the russian president not to retalia retaliate. saying i always knew he was very smart. he will assemble his team in the next week to determine a path forward. while trump is deflecting towards next week, those closest to him saying the president-elect is frustrated by obama's latest moves. >> even though sympathetic to president obama are saying part
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of the reason he did this was to box in president-elect trump. that would be unfortunate if politics were the motivating factor here. >> let's bring in barry bennett who announced he is going to open up a consulting firm with this campaign manager. thank you for taking a few minutes. we talked to the republican congressman and he did not have the warmest feelings towards donald trump as a candidate, but he is concerned about what was expressed. when you see a tweet like this, you have this sitting president announcing sanctions against russia and reports from the intelligence community saying hey, look. does that feel too close?
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>> the rugs have had their way with the obama administration. starting with the manipulations. donald trump will try a different approach. the only thing theyship power. he is not afraid to use that. i'm glad they didn't escalate and get totally out of control before the inauguration. >> take me through a little bit more. people are curious about this too. donald trump does have a different type of relationship with the russians and with putin in mind. i think his critics, i think the skeptics look at it and say he's an apology for vladimir putin. you mentioned the offenses in the community and the reports about murders of reporters and
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suppression of democracy in russia. trump is turning a blind eye to that and being too friendly. he is appeasing putin. that is the kind of relationship they are seeing. what do you say to that? >> they are wrong and a lot of bad things that putin has done. they had a different set of values and often had their interest. it worked. this administration has done except written letters. you can't do that way with rim.
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they stole thousands including my own top secret evaluation. acknowledging your objections. how they handle the relationship before right now. in the face of the evidence about russia and hacking and do you approve of this response in terms of the sanctions being imposed in response to this. >> these are the no the sanctions i would have taken. we have military equipment into the e crane. that gets their attention. sending 35 guys home for the holidays doesn't get their attention. that's silly.
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>> barry bennett, former campaign adviser. thank you for joining us. meanwhile, john mccain is scheduled in armed service committee focusing on cyber threats to the united states. russia's hacking expected to take center stage at that hearing. meeting with the leaders in ukraine and joining us by phone, senator, thanks for joining us. i first want to get -- i'm well. i want to get your response first to donald trump just in the last hour. he responded on twitter to putin's announcement that there will be no retaliations against the sanctions. saying great move on delay by v. putin. i always knew he was very smart. your response some. >> we have seen this tweet before. he praised putin a number of times. we know that. they see that and hear that and
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i am sitting in ukraine having just met with the president and senator mccain and senator graham who feel strongly we must stand as i do with ukraine. 10,000 people killed here defending country and playing with innocent people down by russia over ukraine. our own intelligence agency and 17 of them emphatically saying that russia attempted to influence our own election. this is very serious. russia cutoff the internet access and tried to hack computers any time they do. russia sees it as a slight. when president obama imposes these sanctions, to me this is
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the beginning saying we are not going to roll over anymore. we have to be able to say we will stand up to this. that's what the beginning happened yesterday when the executive order was there and we started talking about responding and not just allowing this to happen again. >> in terms of making a public display, they had an impact and something everybody is talking about. in terms of making a dent in any of russia's capabilities and if you are going to go after making them feel it, do you think they have teeth?
1:26 pm
that's one of the things they are looking at. the fact that the diplomats were thrown out. and so these things were long in the making. if you allow this to go on and they empower him to do this. >> happy new year to you. >> you too. a live look now. check this out. this is times square. at least a million people expected to gather here tomorrow. security obviously is going to be as tight as it could be in
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times square throughout new york and major cities all-around the world as we ring in the year 2017. we will look at the security measures when we come back. bl
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>> time now for a check of the headlines. vladimir putin is condemning a new round of sanctions against his country, but not by expelling american diplomats. the obama administrations imposing sarngzs on officials and organizations, ordering 35 russian diplomats to leave the united states and also closing the doors on two russian compounds here in the united states. president-elect donald trump meanwhile tweeting a short time ago that putin's response was a great move. we will have much more on the u.s. sanctions and all of the response to them in a few minutes. president obama meanwhile will be headed to capitol hill next wednesday meeting with democratic lawmakers talking
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about trying to save the affordable care act. obamacare. president obama's signature domestic achievement. dismantling it will be one of the top priority when is they come to power in a few weeks. the north carolina governor elects roy cooper filing a lawsuit to block a law passed by the republican-controlled legislature that would limit his power when is he takes office. cooper wants a judge to stop the law from taking effect on sunday. that is when he is due to be sworn in. russia is encouraging the united nations council to adopt a resolution for a ceasefire agreement in syria that took effect nearly 24 hours ago. that nationwide truce brokered by russia and syria appeared at least for now to be holding although there have been minor violations. the connecticut supreme court moving to reinstate the murder conviction of michael skakel, a cousin of the kennedy family.
1:32 pm
in 2002 he was convicted of the murder of his neighbor, martha moxley. a judge overturned that conviction three years ago saying his lawyer botched the case. today's ruling paved the way for him to return to prison. the coast guard is searching lake erie for a small plane that disappeared shortly after taking off from cleveland. the plane with three adults and three children was heading to columbus through rough weather last night. the parts of northern new england are digging out after the first nor'easter of the season left more than two feet of snow in places. the storm so far blamed for more than 100,000 power outages and hundreds of accidents. we have just one full day left in the year 2016. new year's celebrations set to kickoff tomorrow night in cities across the country and the world. here is new york's times square,
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the grand daddy of them all in the united states. ringing in 2017 tomorrow night. it will be a ball drop and there was a test run earlier today that they deemed successful. the ball is ready to go tomorrow night. obviously security is a major concern. new york's police department is going to send a record 7,000 officers and bomb-sniffing dogs into the streets. sand trucks will surround the celebration to tprevent truck attacks that caused cities to ramp up the police presence ahead of the new year's celebrations. in rome, italy, claudio, obviously this is a major concern in europe and in the united states and every major city where there will be a big gathering of people. what happened in france and germany is on people's minds. what are they doing about it over there?
1:34 pm
>> you mentioned the number of police officers will be deployed in new york. the same thing will happen in europe. in italy it looks like they went a step forward. you can see soldiers have been deployed to guard the nation's sensitive sites and monuments including the coliseum. you can see that behind me. this is not new. this is part of an ongoing security operation that italy introduced following the aftermath of the paris attacks in november of 2015. of course measures have been put in place for during the christmas holiday and new year's eve. now trucks are not going to be allowed to drive in to generate the second. and of course we have barriers.
1:35 pm
we have heavy concrete barriers and or own version in italy. these are like concrete flowerpots as you can see. they may not be strong enough to stop the vehicle from going through, it's always the colise coliseum, but of course you have heavily armored military vehicles that will stop anything. back to you. >> more now on our top story. we learned today that about two more individuals name as part of russia's alleged scheme to diupt the presidential election here in the united states. tom winter has been tracking the suspected hackers and they are wanted by the fbi. >> yesterday at this time we were starting to get their pictures and try to find out the basics of these guys. we have been able to review several dozen pages of court
1:36 pm
documents and filings. he is 33 years old and from russia. he has been in russia and lives along a black sea where he likes to go boating. that's the person as far as what he has done in the cyber world, they started tracking him going back three or four or five years now. he put out a mal wear program that was able to get on a million computers. it goes in and takes your user name and password and takes your banking information. they say he was able to use that software program along with a group of other hackers to take $100 million over the past several years. he is charging that case and indicted it in pittsburgh. he has been indicted in nebraska and this is somebody who they call one of the world's worst. they say his software is sophisticated and they have been keeping an eye on for sometime.
1:37 pm
he is on the wanted list and there is a $3 million reward out for him. the other person they are looking for is somebody who has recently been added to the most wanted cyber criminals list who is alleged to have done hacking in nevada and california in the past several years and he has two federal arrest warrants out for him. these are two individuals that they want and believe that he was last seen in athens and he has a russian passport and traveled to a number of places. the chances of these guys being able to be brought back for anything let alone anything tied to the election is slim. >> the big question is is it too late. thanks for joining us. also today the administration closing two compounds in maryland and new york. these used by russian diplomats. they used it for intelligence-related purposes. msnbc's cal perry is here to walk us through this.
1:38 pm
here's what i understood from the reporting. you have the two nice properties and the states and whatever you want to call them. the governmt and the u.s. has known about them for decades and they are only closing them now. what was going on inside? something happened in the last hour. the russian consulate is being evacuated and they have families. they put out a statement and he is appealing with the better senses and how kids may miss christmas and how families will talk about the chef. he had nothing to do with this and he is not a spy and is being sunday back his family. the russians have played this out and the russians liked to do
1:39 pm
this and they like to put this stuff out. this is all part of information warfare after what we have seen. a laid back rural house. huge house. bordered on one side by a river. it was no mystery. and he finished his e-mail to me with they were really good parties. >> i bet in a place like that, one thing people are wondering, if this was going on for decades and it was known there might be spying going on, why at the end of 2016. >> we talk a lot about enemies of the u.s. and how werack them. we have spoken about isis.
1:40 pm
very different situation. we track people rather than pull them off the street. we knew what was going on and we should say the state department will take over. there are compounds that we use in and around moscow. there are compounds like this in russia that our diplomats use to take their kids on holiday. this will be used as a new year's location party for many people at the embassy. we do the same thing. some of these are reciprocal. and thanks as always for that. democrats are claiming fake news cost hillary clinton the election. they are suggesting it might be a more complicated subject. it's coming up after this short break. walked around the shelter,
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it's now clear that so-called fake news can have real world consequences. this isn't about politic or partisanship. lives are at risk. >> that was hillary clinton in one of her only public comments since the election. that is one of the themes she chose to emphasize, the idea of fake news. this is something that got a lot of attention in the wake of the election. there have been a number of democrats saying fake news, the spread of fake news, the belief of things that are not true by voters. played a role in hillary clinton's defeat. that gets us to the most important number of the day. that points to a more complicated picture when it comes to the fake news. the number is 52 as in what? this has to deal with the question of russia and the intervention in the election that spread about that. check this out. a few weeks ago, there was a story that started to spread.
1:45 pm
a few people raised the possibility and there was no evidence for this. the intelligence community said it did not happen. no evidence of it. they raise the possibility that russia was hacking voting machines. they were directly affecting the tallies and it's not like something far more direct. a new poll here asked people if they believed that. 52% of democrats, more than half in this poll say they believe it. russia tampered with vote tallies in order to get trump elected. direct intervention in the ballot box. for that matter, a 30 of minutes believe it. nearly one in five republicans believe it. that is something that is not true. look how that spread. this plays on both sides. it's not just democrats buying into that. this is something that donald trump tweeted a couple weeks
1:46 pm
after the election. he was upset that hillary clinton was talking about how she won the popular vote. clinton supporters talking about how she won the popular vote. i don't know why that moved. donald trump said on twitter that millions of votes were cast illegally and if you didn't count the votes, he wins the election. are z evidence that anything like that occurred. you ask in the same poll, were millions of vote ofs cast in the presidential election? 52% say they believe it. it's not just republicans. 32% of minutes. 36% of democrats believe that millions of votes were cast illegally in this election. a lot of people believe it on both sides. that's the most important number. it is 52. coming up, more than 8,000
1:47 pm
people will be part of the inauguration parade in washington, about one woman is so opposed she quit her job in one of the most prestigious choirs in the world out of protest. she will join us next to explain. i just want to find a used car without getting ripped off. start at the new show me used trucks with one owner. pretty cool. [laughs] ah... ahem... show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new
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>> an institution is closing hours from now.
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carnegie's will serve its last pastrami sandwich. they are lining up for one last bite of the famous oversized sandwiches that was made popular and famous in woody allen's film broadway danny rose. sign of the times, folks. it will close its doors for good at midnight. there is a decline and a demise of deli culture and diner culture and the place where you go with the newspaper and get the cup of coffee and order the cheeseburger and get it rare and they put bacon on it. now everyone wants the kale and the grass infused beef. i like the old style diners and they are disappearing. that makes me sad. the last trading day of 2016 just wrapped up and the dow did not cross the 20,000 mark. here's the market wrap. >> thanks, steve. u.s. stocks did finish 2016 with a thud on friday.
1:52 pm
all three major indeces ended with three straight days of losses for the first time since november 4th. dow dropped 57 points and s&p slipped 10 and the nasdaq fell 49. they did all finish the year higher. that's it from c nbc first in business worldwide. e. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behi when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance
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1:56 pm
tier performers for the festivities. so far america's god talent runner up jackie evancho and the rockets and the mormon tabernacle choir. yesterday one member resigned in protest saying "she could never look myself in the mirror again if she performed for donald trump. joining me is that former member of the choir, jan chamberlain from salt lake city. thanks for taking a few minutes. i would be curious about this. were you forced or being forced by the mormon tabernacle choir to perform. were you given a choice to perform or were they telling you thaw don't have to perform and you resigned anyway? >> we were given a choice. they could only take so many members to begin with and we were given the choice to sign up yes or no. i immediately signed up no.
1:57 pm
>> why take the extra step. if you had chosen not to go and your job was not in jeopardy, why take the step of resigning some. >> thank you. that's a really good question. the longer i thought about it, the more i felt i needed to go beyond just quietly choosing not to go. i was concerned about the image that it's giving to others throughout the world. i speak for myself personally. this is my personal views speaking. i had to take a stand on what i felt was right. we have been asked to respect one another's views for the reasons that we are choosing to go or not to go. i would say for the most part everyone has been loving and kind. >> do you think the mormon tabernacle choir, are you saying by resigning the choir itself should not be performing at this event? a lot of people would look at it and say a presidential
1:58 pm
inauguration is not just the celebration of the individual as it is the nation's celebration of what we do in this country, that peaceful transfer of power. >> i would agree that there are a number of people that feel that way. let me share this. one of the things i respect about my faith is the value we place on family and thinking and researching issues and acceptance of other people and unconditional love. i feel that there is a large segment of the world who absolutely adore the choir and love its message to bring good will and hope and inspiration to others. there are a number of people and i speak for myself and appreciate the support of people who feel this way also, there are a number of people who feel going out to sing for this particular candidate expresses
1:59 pm
conflicted message that might undermine the beautiful message that choir has for so many decades worked so hard to cultivate with so many people. it's not just america's choir, but the world's choir too. >> i understand and he is going to be the president of the united states and going to be the president of the united states because he won the election. i'm curious of whether it's the mormon and i heard of boycotting the trump presidency. is that a good idea when we have our objections to candidates, but we have the election and the country speaks, we have to at a concern level acknowledge the result, don't we? >> i agree with you on that and value that we have the freedom of speech under the first amendment. for me this is not a political issue however. the choir has gone out for many other canned days of varying parties when they have been invited to sing. this is a moral issue for me
2:00 pm
where i am concerned about our freedoms being in danger as time goes by. >> jan chamberlain, now a former member of the mormon tabernacle choir. happy new year. >> thank you. >> that are will do it for this hour and this year for me. happy new year, everyone. i will see you in 2017 and i want to wish my aunt and uncle, look at this. guess what. 50 years together. 50th anniversary. mtp daily starts now. if it's friday, payack for putin puts trump on a collision course with his own party. tonight cyber showdown. president-elect trump says move on, but his fellow republicans disagree. will his first fight in office with his own party? plus, spy games. what was really going on behind closed doors at the russian


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